Alyssa Hawkins Lexington, Kentucky

Alyssa Hawkins's Donor Story

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AUG. 4, 2017

Alyssa Hawkins is the blood drive coordinator for the Assured Partners NL Blood Drive in Lexington where she is an account executive. She makes arrangements for when the blood drive will happen and where the bloodmobile will park. She’s also the blood drive cheerleader, encouraging her coworkers to make appointments for the drive or cheering on first-time blood donors.

While Alyssa knows donating is important, it’s personal for her and many others at Assured Partners. They donate in memory of their friend and former coworker Emily Rhoads, who died in a car accident in 2015 when she was 27.

After the accident, “Emily received lots of units (of blood),” said Alyssa. That’s when the company decided to host the blood drive in her memory and to help others in the community who need blood. “We do it to save lives,” said Alyssa.

And for those who have never tried donating? “I tell them to just try it. You’re saving lives, and I will even hold their hands,” said Alyssa.

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