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Gracey Wuest's Recipient Story

APRIL 24, 2017

Gracey Wuest has a rare autoimmune disease called juvenile dermatomyositis, a condition in which the immune system turns on to fight viruses but doesn’t turn back off, causing it to attack healthy cells and tissue.

Every four weeks, Gracey receives a dose of medicine to help manage this disease. Making the treatment, however, requires more than 1,000 blood donors.

To help Gracey and other children who have this disease, the Wuest family organizes Gracey Fest, a fun event in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, that raises money and awareness in support of the Cure JM Foundation.

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In addition to supporting this cause, the Wuests encourage Kentuckians to donate blood regularly so that it’s always available for children who need it for their treatments.

Gracey has a simple but important message for blood donors: “Thank you for donating blood. Your donations help make my medicine so I can stay alive.”

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