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MAY 22, 2016

Kim had donated whole blood on and off since high school, but when she heard her friend’s son needed platelet transfusions, she was the first to offer to help.

The first-grade teacher started donating platelets as soon as she heard 7-year-old Tanner needed them to help make him strong enough for his radiation and chemotherapy after brain cancer surgery.

Her platelets were usually designated for Tanner.

“Some days they’d (Tanner’s family) take a picture of the yellow tag on the bag because they’d know it was from me," Kim said. "They’d send a message, ‘He’s getting yours today.' "

Once Tanner got better and didn’t need her platelet help any longer, Kim continued giving. She saw the need for platelets and knew there were other cancer patients in Kentucky depending on her.

“It’s not about you," Kim said. "It’s about helping other people. If people were nicer to people, the world would be a nicer place."

“I’m O-positive. I love donating platelets. It’s the least I can do for someone else.”

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