KBC Announces New Board Members Feb. 6, 2010

KBC Operates Under Guidane of Board of Directors

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Eric J. Frankl, and Harvie Wilkinson have joined the Kentucky Blood Center’s Board of Directors.

Frankl is the new executive director of Blue Grass Airport. Wilkinson is the vice president of Keeneland Association and a lifelong Lexington resident.

“We’re excited to welcome Eric and Harvie to the Blood Center Board of Directors,"  said Kentucky Blood Center Board Chairman Dr. David Stevens. "Both of them bring a unique perspective and a dedication to the community."

Kentucky Blood Center operates under the guidance of its volunteer board of directors, which includes representatives from the community, healthcare and the Lexington Medical Society.

About Kentucky Blood Center

Kentucky Blood Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a safe, adequate blood supply for patients at nearly 70 Kentucky hospitals and clinics in more than 60 counties. Kentucky Blood Center relies on volunteers to collect 400 pints of blood per day to meet area patients’ needs. Over the last year the blood center distributed nearly 130,000 blood and blood products.